New Websites!

A big thanks to Sean Cunningham and Ten Ten Studios for designing the new Nashville Celts and Christmas with the Celts websites! Sean is not only a pro website builder but he is a highly respected Irish musician who tours with The Nashville Celts.

"I’ve been playing Irish traditional music on flute and tin whistle since 1996 and Highland bagpipes since 1997. As a child, I grew up listening to the classic Irish balladeers such as the Clancy Brothers, Dubliners, and the Wolfe Tones - but it was in the pubs of New York where I started to learn about traditional instrumental music."

Eventually, Sean joined the Irish-rock band SixMileBridge and spent the better part of three years touring the country performing at festivals and concert venues and recording on three studio albums with the band. Sean currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee and also performs his wife, Frances, who currently holds a prized position as house musician at famous Grand Ole Opry. Sean has performed with The Nashville Celts on the Grand Ole Opry and the PBS television shows Music City Roots and Bluegrass Underground as well as numerous performing arts centers and theaters across the U.S.

Sean Cunningham, FluteIn speaking about Sean's playing The Nashville Celts band leader Ric Blair says, "Sean not only brings incredible traditional Irish chops to the band but he also possesses a tasteful ability to improvise, which is quite rare in the trad world. Sean is one of those guys that is not only a highly respected killer player but a great hang on the road and in the studio. As all band leaders know, that is such an important attribute to have and it makes creating music and performing fun and easy."

Sean also teaches tradional Irish flute and whistle in person and over Skype from time to time and he ran the tin whistle tutorial website for about fifteen years.

If you are interested in learning to play traditional Irish music on flute or tin whistle from a pro you can contact Sean here. In the meantime, feel free to have a look at Sean's YouTube channel where he has posted many flute and tin whistle lessons from his website.

Also, as you can, Sean's website designs are top notch! If you are in a band or you have a business that needs a professional website visit Ten Ten Studios, and if you need Irish flute lessons and a new website you've really come to the right place. :)